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Poll 📊 Shows No Changes After Impeachment Public Hearings
US🇺🇸 Service Members Dead in 🇦🇫Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Donald Trump 🇺🇸 Denies 🙅‍♂️ the Roll Back Tariffs on 🇨🇳 Chinese Goods
US 🇺🇸Stays Committed to Britain Trade Deal 🤝 Amidst  Donald Trump's Expression of Doubt
Trump rejects refugees from resettling in US in October, with about Hundreds in Oblivion Around the 🌐 World
Uncertainty 🤔 Over Donald Trump's Dramatic Claim of  ISIS Baghdadi's Raid
Donald Trump Confirms ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Confirmed Dead in a US Raid
 North Korea🇰🇵 Reminds US Of Year-End Nuke Deadline🗓 Says  "No🚫 Permanent Friends"
Donald Trump Says US Is Erecting a Wall in Colorado 🤔 – a State that Does not share Border with Mexico
Canada🇨🇦 Election: Trudeau Wins Liberals✌ but Loses Majority
Chile🇨🇱 Extends State of Emergency Over 👉Unrest and  increase in Death Toll
Deadly🇹🇷 Turkey Air Strikes Rocks NE 🇸🇾Syria Truce
Senate Approves Resolution Opposing 🇺🇸 Trump Administration Syria 🇸🇾 Troop Withdrawal
Turkeys'🇹🇷 President Erdogan 'Trashes 🇺🇸Trump's 🇸🇾Syria Letter in Bin'
US 🇺🇸House Speaker Won't Hold Vote🗳 for Impeachment Probe Against Trump
🇹🇷Turkey-Syria 🇸🇾: Kurds Cut Truce Deal🤝 With Syrian Army
🙅‍♂: Iran🇮🇷 Must Answer For Maritime Piracy Over  Tanker Attack
US 🇺🇸 Set to Send Additional Troops to 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia to Boost Defenses Against 🇮🇷 Iran
 PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Ethiopian🇪🇹  Wins 🎖Peace Nobel Prize
Donald Trump Threatens Turkey With 'Extremely Devastating Economy' Over Syria