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US 🇺🇸House Speaker Won't Hold Vote🗳 for Impeachment Probe Against Trump
Australia 🇦🇺PMO Unknowingly Sends 👉 Confidential Document to Media
🇹🇷Turkey-Syria 🇸🇾: Kurds Cut Truce Deal🤝 With Syrian Army
🙅‍♂: Iran🇮🇷 Must Answer For Maritime Piracy Over  Tanker Attack
US 🇺🇸 Set to Send Additional Troops to 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia to Boost Defenses Against 🇮🇷 Iran
 PM Abiy Ahmed Ali Ethiopian🇪🇹  Wins 🎖Peace Nobel Prize
US🇺🇸 Imposes Visa Ban on 🇨🇳Chinese Officers Over Muslim Treatment
Polls shows that Most Americans, Including an ↗️ Increasing Number of Republicans are in Support of Trump Impeachment Inquiry, 📊
Donald Trump Threatens Turkey With 'Extremely Devastating Economy' Over Syria
Boris Johnson🇬🇧 Warns Emmanuel Macron🇫🇷Over🙅‍♂ Delay Of Brexit
Facebook and Instagram  Give Reasons why it Removed Accounts From Nigeria, Egypt, UAE
Nothing Less than 18 people found dead in👉 Vaping-Linked Lung Injury in🇺🇸 US, Over 1,000 Fall Ill
US🇺🇸 to take DNA sample of 👉All Undocumented Migrants
Donald Trump Campaign and RNC Raised 💰 $125 Million in the 3rd Quarter
 N.Korea 🇰🇵 to Hold Nuclear Talks With 🇺🇸US on Saturday
EU🇪🇺 and US🇺🇸 Military Convoys in Somalia🇸🇴 faced  Twin Attacks
Saudi King’s Bodyguard Is Murdered during a ‘Personal Dispute’
Source Confirms Trump's Envoy to👉 Ukraine🇺🇦 Kurt Volker Resigns: Amidst Probe
Pogba⭐ May Miss Arsenal Clash After a Knock😯
 Japan🇯🇵 Says China🇨🇳 Is a Bigger Threat to the Nation Than the Nuclear-sophisticated North Korea